desperately need help

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Ann B.
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hi my name is ann i weigh 260lb and need to lose around 85lb asap i have arthritis in both hips and both knees my consultant has refused to operate untill i get my weight down i have just bought the nutri bullet but i am unsure about the size of cup i should be drinking the large or small also is it one for breakfast one for lunch then a meal of protien and salad or veg in the evening i am also type 2 diabetic can anyone advise the safest and quickest way to shed weight and what the best nutriblast combinations are ,is it ok to drink decaff tea or coffee

please help ann

Hello Ann! You're in the right place. I'd suggest taking a look at our Six Week Transformation Plan in your user manual. This is a progressive plan that starts with just one NutriBlast a day and works up to two. The recipes are for a tall cup and are used as a meal replacement. Also, check out some of our weight loss recipes right here on NutriLiving - in the recipes section. We also have several helpful articles with weight loss tips. Here are some to get you started: We also have some recipes that are lower in sugar that are acceptable for those with blood sugar issues: Tea is a great zero calorie (when you don't add sugar!) beverage - try some of the many tasty herbal teas too. For arthritis...check out some of these anti-inflammatory ingredients to include in your Blasts: