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Hi all I'm missy I'm a diabetic for 9 years trying to eat right and exercise I feel of the wagon my doctor want me to take med. and my thyroid and kidney number are low so I'm going to start juicing I want to get healthy on the inside and out
i know what you mean.. I'm type 2 and it's not easy to keep the low numbers
I decided to try the "Buddy" approach. I am starting the Nutri Blasting with a friend to see if we can both get healthy. I'm diabetic Type 2 but I also have fibromyalgia which makes exercising difficult. So I want to get the chronic pain controlled without the usual medication then work on weight loss which should help with the diabetes. Wish us luck!
Hi precimofan10 and hahcie
I'm sorry it took me awhile to post this is a wonderful site I look at the articles, juicing I forget to look at the furom thank you both I hope you get to your goals
Hi fellow Diabetes type 2 sufferers. This is my first time in the forum. I just registered my new Nutribullet RX today. l loved my original Nutribullet so I am hoping this new machine with the soup making option will help me to lose the 75 pounds I need to drop. I am looking to get control of my numbers which is an constant struggle. I also want off these medications!!! I hope Nurtiblasting once in the morning and once at night will help me reach these goals. Wish me luck!! I will return with an update.
Hi everyone, type 2 Diabetes here too and I'm trying the Nutribullet to get my blood sugar under better control and just improve my overall health. I have pretty severe osteoarthritis in my knee from an injury several years ago that completely tore the lateral meniscus, and basically the knee just rubs bone on bone, with none of the fluid left anymore that cushions the joint. Needless to say exercise can be a challenge due to my pain level! I'm hoping that blasting will help me lose some weight and help my joint pain so I can do more exercise. I'd love to hear from others who are facing some of the same issues and and would any tips and suggestions you have to offer!
hey, type 2's. I am at present waiting on my pro. I have been a diabetic for 27 years. I have been blessed not to have problems with blood sugars, But saying that I have sever neurophty up to elbows. I have very little stomach function so have been tube fed through intestines for past 4 years. Doctors said yesterday they could not do anything else. I can sip small amounts over time. I am going to try the pro to get good nutrition in with protein power. I really have high hopes this could be an answer. Have a Great day