Doing what so many before me have done...

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Roberta C.
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Well, my extractor blade bit the dust.  I was so hoping mine would be the exception to what seems to be the rule, but no such luck.  Sound shifted three days ago, alternating between louder then quieter, then yesterday, I got the brownish-rustyish oil and sediment stuff  Support has been very helpful and I went ahead and ordered a new blade to supplement in the meanwhile--hope it arrives quicker than the 7-10 business days my replacement will come, counting from AFTER their processing is complete, which isn't yet.

Question:  Will I destroy my grinding blade if I use it in the meanwhile?  I do not not ever have used ice in my machine and frozen berries only twice--I am good with using soft veg and fruit in their natural state (and had hoped that would keep my blade going--again, no such luck...)


Oh! and question 2:  this new model, the 900 rpm, will it be *stronger* can we assume?  Less likely to cause this problem of lubricants leeching into our blasts and our lives?

Is frozen fruit unsafe for the blades? I substitute frozen fruit when I am out of fresh.
@anbrown--no; many people make blasts with frozen fruits--and veg!--but I abstained after reading about all who have had blades wear out often it 60 blasts or less.
My blade started leaking oil into my smoothies after 2 months. I had ordered a replacement blade right after I purchased my Nutribullet. The warranty blade took about a week to get, so I was glad I had the replacement. The brand new blade has a non-removable gasket, so food doesn't collect under it, like the blades I got in September which had to be removed and washed every couple of days.
anbrown wrote: Is frozen fruit unsafe for the blades? I substitute frozen fruit when I am out of fresh.
Frozen fruit is a great option!