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Shayon B.
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I suffer with severe endometriosis and have recently had surgery because of this. Any ideas for blasts that will help my symptoms- abdominal pain and cramps, painful hips and legs and swollen stomach are amongst a few. I also suffer with fatigue because of this but have a very hectic job. I would welcome any advice from fellow blasters. 

A few tips the research shows: - A reduced risk of endometriosis is linked to a diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables - An increased risk of endometriosis is linked to a diet that contains a large amount of ham, beef, and other red meat - Dietary compounds in red wine (resveratrol) and soy (geninstein) may have a role in the treatment of endometriosis, because of their estrogen-like activity; resveratrol also is found in peanuts and pistachios - Lignans, another form of phytoestrogens found in whole grain, flaxseeds, legumes, and seedy fruits and vegetables, also appear to have hormone-modulating effects that may help endometriosis sufferers - Lycopene, an antioxidant most abundant in cooked tomatoes, may decrease the formation of endometrial tissues - Antioxidant compounds in green tea might restrict the formation of new blood vessels, which assist in spreading endometriosis - Omega-3 fatty acids found in hemp seeds, walntus, flaxseed, and fatty fish have anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful to women with endometriosis You can incorporate foods into your diet that will digest slowly and release energy at a slower rate, but you will have to consume these foods throughout the day. Focusing on protein in the morning can help stabilize digestion and hormones throughout the day. Complex carbs will also take longer to break down and will release glucose at a steady rate. Foods like sweet potatoes, whole rolled oats, quinoa, amaranth, millet, farrow, squash, beans (also good source of protein) are all foods that provide a sustained release of glucose (energy).