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Donna R.
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My feet swell after I have stood up all day. Will foods with enzymes help with the inflamation? If so what foods are best to use in our Nutri bullets for this? The Wolf guy says enzymes can be bought in capsule form and added but I think I would rather get mine from the food I eat.

There are many different varieties of enzymes (metabolic, digestive, food). I believe the ones David was referring to are digestive enzymes which your body naturally produces, but sometimes not in enough quantity. The enzymes found in food help with digestion as well. Check out Wally's article about Enzymes and foods you may wish to include here: http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/enzymes The exact cause of inflammation varies, however, we do know that some foods are great as anti-inflammatory aids. I suggest plugging in "anti-inflammatory" or "inflammation" into the search bar to find healing foods, articles, and NutriBlast recipes. A few key ones to include are turmeric, ginger, aloe, chia seeds, pineapple, papaya!
Foxy, Some enzymes inFoxy, Some enzymes in particular have very anti-inflammatory effects. Proteolytic systemic enzymes (proteases), such as bromelain, papain, pancreatin and chymotrypsin reduce swelling by breaking down and removing fibrin which the body deposits as an immune reaction to the joint stress. This deposit of fibrin binds the tissues and joint and brings swelling and pain. Serrapeptase is also another antiinflammatory enzyme that helps reduce bronchial airways. You can only get this effect by taking them as a supplement. You must take them on an empty stomach 45 minutes to an hour before a eating. Most enzymes in foods are used to help digest the foods. Then the life of the enzyme is over, it has served its purpose. Thank heavens for the enzymes in foods because they help keep our pancreas healthy for many years. Thanks for the plug Krista! I hope this helps, Healthy Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.