Exercise Isn't Everything....

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Jennifer O'Donnell-Giles
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So someone recently said to me "Exercise isn't everything you know!" 

While it was said out of frustration...it got me to thinking. Is it? Or isn't it?

While some people struggle to find the time, energy, or motivation, others seem to schedule in exercise as if their life depended on it. If you look at it that way  it is everything isn't it?!? Perhaps our lives do depend on it. I surely see it that way. I see it as a way to re-set your metabolism each day, a way to clear you mind, a way to manage your weight and cholesterol and blood pressure, a way to off-set certain cancers, and most of all a way to increase my energy level and keep me strgona dn fit for all other aspects of my life as a parent, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a businesss owner and a friend . All of those things are essential components to optimal health. And we all know that if you don't have your health you really don't have anything at all. If you do not feel alive and energetic and motivated it will carry over into all other aspects of your life! It has been repeatedly linked to overall life success and it is known that people who exercise are not only more successful but also happier with themselves and their relationships. And no one will argue that  relationships are the cornerstones of our lives.

So I ask you what your thoughts are....is exercise everything?

Good health is a two wheel bike. One wheel is nutrition, the other exercise. This is a balanced approach to life and health. We were really designed to move. Modern life has taken so much movement out of our lives that we have to create exercise. Crazy but true. When I was a kid just housework was exercise. I am serious. We did not have a vacum. Our washer had a wringer. WE hung up clothes. We walked to where we need to go carrying parcels etc. We walked back and forth to school. We scrubbed the floors on hands and knees. Far cry from todays life. Now people are still eating like they on the farm and not doing any of the work on the farm to burn it off. To me moving is so important . If you dont use it you gonna lose it. So find an activity you enjoy and do it often. Walking is the most underated exercise of all time. So good for you. I take the bus to work to get in a half hour of walking each day. I get off 3 stops before my job to walk out 15 minutes each way no matter what the weather. And I live in cold Canada with harsh winters. I dress and walk brisk and get the blood pumping.
Jenn, I can't say it isJenn, I can't say it is everything but it is a big part of the health equation. Many people are happy just have what I call moderate health. The eat moderately healthy and exercise occasionally which gives them a body that will protect them moderately and allow them to do a moderate amount of activity. I believe in having it all. If I want to reach my total health potential I must invest in my nutrition and my physical activity. To me, combining great nutrition and fitness promoting exercise is like supercharging your total health potential. All body systems get an automatic upgrade. Just think, the exercise forces the body to build a stronger body, a better immune system, better endocrine system, better metabolic response, more flexible and cleaner arteries, better oxygen carrying capability, improves our mood, lowers stress hormones etc... I love to exercise. It makes me feel so much better! Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
yes off coarse exercise is not everything the nutrition is also the key you can't miss even a single one of that . without proper nutrition you are just harming your body