Extractor Blades loose

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Roger G.
Joined: 7/02/2013

Over the past month or so, I have noticed my NB becoming extremely loud...like needing ear plugs.  I thought the motor bearings or something might be going bad but then put on the milling blades and the loud noise went away.  In comparing the two attachments, the extractor blades are really loose and spin easily with my hand compared to the milling blade.

I am wondering how to tighten the extractor blades.  Are the blades attached by tension or are the screwed on?  In other words, can I tighten the blades by carefully recompressing the blade mechanism together or are the tightened by screwing together.

Not sure if that makes any sense at all.



Use the link below to contact customer service, and I'll alert them to this message. http://www.nutribullet.com/site/contact
Thanks, evidently, the lube and whatever is in the base that the blades spin on wears out or breaks. That is what people see when they see brown "stuff" coming out of their base. What I did is switch the blade from my extractor base to the milling base. That has solved the problem at this point. What would be great is if Nutribullet would sell individual pieces (bases, cups, etc). I would just like to get a new extractor base. Thank you, I did send an email to customer service. Thank you.