Extractor Blades - Resharpening??

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Amanda C.
Joined: 1/19/2013

Has anyone had any issues with their extractor blades becoming dull?  If that happens, what can you do to get them sharpened again? My blades are working just fine but I use my nutribullet quite often, almost twice everyday.

The blades are designed to not need sharpening. As long as you stick to ingredients that are suitable for the NutriBullet (no avocado pits or pineapple shells!), then it should last a long long time. If you do not already have this handy chart...this will help you prep almost any NutriBlast ingredient. http://nutribulletblog.com/faq/peelingde-seeding/
What is the average life expectancy of the Nutibullet, assuming that it's used twice a day?
I have never had to sharpen them at all! They work just fine. I have been using my machine since April 2012!