Fast Metabolism Diet

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Karin T.
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Anybody out there following Hayley Pomroy's Fast Metabolism Diet?  Just curious.  I use my NB to make phase appropriate smoothies, mostly for the snacks. Would enjoy seeing anybody else's input.

I haven't heard about that diet. What does it entail?
I watched her segment on Dr. Oz and saw a brief overview of the three phases, but have not read the book. While I do not see any scientific backing to her claims, I do like how she focuses on quality, whole foods. Being mindful to what you put in your body, supplying it with various nutrients from whole foods and paying attention to exercise and stress reduction are all great take-aways from this diet plan. What are your thoughts about the diet "threequeensmom"? For those who have not heard of this diet, check out this quick summary on YouTube. Remember, diets usually come and go, but lifestyle habits stick around for good!