Fat soluble Vitamins

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Donna R.
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Hi Everyone, I am only a 1 week newbie. I have read that Vitamin A-E-D-K are fat soluble vitamins that need fat in order to be absorbed. What do I need to add to my Nutribullet recipes to really get this fat so that I can take advantage of these 4 vitamins? I am adding almonds to all my recipes.

You only need a small amount to help absorb the vitamins. The almonds are perfect! Also remember there's a little bit of fat in some veggies/fruit. No need to worry about not absorbing the vitamins. Some additional fat in the Blast will help keep you full and will make it more of a well-balanced "meal". I love avocado in my NutriBlasts...makes them nice and creamy! Other nuts and seeds (try pumpkin, chia, sesame, etc.) work great as well.
Am I just crazy or am I feeling the effects of these blast drinks after only a week. I feel more alert and my vision seems clearer. When I added in the chia I felt even more energetic. It kinda scared me. I got the chia from one of those big plastic bens where you scoop out what you need. Hope it was pure chia and not some other illegal seed haha. Foxy
No, you are not crazy; that's what is supposed to happen! Glad you are feeling so wonderful :)