Feeling Good

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mary m.
Joined: 11/27/2014

Been using the NB to make a smoothie every morning for one week and I feel good.  Not ravenous by lunch before I was hungry by 10:30 and my lunch is a hour later.  Yesterday I did not mind waiting till noon.  I also have more energy and less naseua from medication.  It is amazing what a little change can do, and I am only doing this once a day.

imagine how great u will feel after 3 4 5 weeks? try to do sports too! like I train 5 Tibetan Rites! it changed my life forever! same as heart breathing technique: the emwave2 ! 2 very powerful and healthy things for the mind and heart and body! together with an Nutribullet diet! I mean NB as an extra support for healthy foods! also DELETE all the garbage foods and u will save money and invest it into fruits and veggies for the NB !!!
I am thinking about taking up swimming again. Have spinal injurirs and fuse vertebra. Thanks for the encouragement.
Gave my wife a nutribullet for Christmas, we both love it. totally hooked. Going to buy Superfoods powder on payday. Ever since we saw Food Inc. on Netflix and Ted Talks on fighting cancer with food. Nutribullet is the way to go! So Happy!
Need some help. We just started on the system and took the quiz. How often do we have to get in the recommended servings by color? Once a day, once a week? Thanks for the help.