Feeling great for the first time in years

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Laurent J.
Joined: 12/07/2013
I used the Nutribullet for the first time on December 1st, 2013. In just two months my life was turned upside down. 
I was not a veggie fan. Not that I disliked vegetables, but i just did not care much for them. Same thing with fruits and berries. if someone put them in my hands I would eat them but I would not have picked them on my own. And do not get me started with seeds, nuts and greens !
Now I cannot imagine starting my day without a healthy smoothie. My shopping experience is so different at the supermarket, I spend most of my time in the produce and natural products aisles, and skipped for the most part the rest of the store.
I am off dairy and bread, and I only consume organic chicken and fish moderately.
I am feeling healthier than I ever was in my life. I did not take a single pain killer in two months and my I lost 21lbs in just 8 weeks. Effortlessly. I never thought that I would be able to feel as good at 50.
And the biggest surprise for me is that I like it. I do feel like I am on a diet at all. I do not feel restrained. At the contrary I feel like I changed the way I look at food for good now and my body thanks me every single day.
I tell everyone around me about how the Nutribullet saved my life. The Government should give some tax credit for people who invest in a Nutribullet!
This is music to my ears!! So happy you're loving it :)
I agree with the tax break especially with the government talking about obesity which contributes to health issues. I happy for you. I will be there soon. I am working on a better and healthy me with the help of the Nutribullet and the support from guys like you. Thanks for the post.
I'm hoping to get there too! Did you start with just one Blast a day or what?
It has been many months since I wrote this post so I believe that it is high time to provide you with an update. My total weight loss is now almost 50lbs. I never felt better in my life. I now wear clothes that I did not touch in years. I started to shop in stores that usually did not carry clothes in my size. I have tons of energy. I cannot seem to be able to stand still for a minute. Not only do I start my day with 30 minutes of exercise at the gym but also I walk, skip escalators and take the stairs instead whenever I can. I believe that I have another 20lbs to go. I still lose an average of 0.5lb to 1.lb per week so I might be there by the fall. I am not in a rush. I feel so great that my weight that was the main reason why I started this journey is not my priority anymore. I want to keep getting healthier and to learn more about nutrition. My taste buds reprogrammed themselves in the last 6 months. I have no cravings at all for foods I used to consume but my mouth is now watering whenever I enter the produce section at the supermarket (yes me!). I start my day with a blast every morning, trying to be creative changing the recipe every day. I have many different bags of frozen fruits and berries in my freezer; just add leafy green, nuts and some spices and enjoy. I replace one or two evening meals a week with another blast or a juice. Mostly veggies based. I do love to try on some of the recipes posted on here. I did not touch a single pill since I started. All my chronic pains and symptoms vanished. Even my annual spring cold did not show up this year. The Nutribullet is truly a miracle product. Its only flaw is that it did not exist earlier in my life when I was making bad eating choices. I cannot imagine my life without it now and I never miss an opportunity to promote it to people who ask me about my transformation. To the sceptics and the newbies, I will say try it on; don’t be afraid, you have nothing to lose. Results appear in a matter of days, give yourself the best gift ever: Your health! Cheers to all, Laurent
So glad to hear of your success!! Thanks for sharing - it's inspiring!
this is very encouraging!
What a great testimony ! I recently bought one and have been juicing for about a week. I already have increased energy, brighter eyes, fewer aches, less brain fog. Truly amazing the difference in how I feel. I used to drink 6 cups of coffee/day and now am down to 2 without any withdrawal symptoms. I love the ease of the whole process. Several years ago I purchased a juicer that separated the fiber and pulp. I am much happier with this product. Less clean up and less time involved. Hope to lose a little weight as time goes on.