Foam, Anyone??

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Peggy R.
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Hi to everyone! I'm brand new here and I've had my Nutribullet for a few days. My son and I are really enjoying it, but I've got an issue I need help with. .. FOAM.


I'm getting a lot of foam in my drinks and I can't figure out what I'm doing incorrectly. I've experiemented with various ingredients and varying quantities of liquid, but I'm still getting lots of foam. I've also tried blasting the drink a second time, but the foam remains. I'm blasting my drinks for about 30-60 seconds, to make sure they're extracted thoroughly. As soon as I pour it into the glass, this foam very quickly rises to the top and it's A LOT! It's quite thick and unpleasant, as drinking foam just isn't that satisfying. LOL. I feel like I'm not getting the full quantity of drink that I should be getting.


Can someone please tell me how to remedy this?


Thanks so much!

What type of ingredients are you using in your Blast recipes? This happens sometimes when you don't use a binding food. Try adding in a small amount of bananas, pears, raw oats, avocado, coconut meat... I find these help give me Blast a creamier texture.
Hi Krista, I'm using lots ofHi Krista, I'm using lots of leafy greens: lettuce, celery, spinach, cucumber, etcetera. I use water for my liquid. Interestingly, I don't get foam when I make a fruit blast, which ends up pretty creamy and smooth. I'll try adding avocado into my next green blast. Thanks so much!
I can't imagine a Blast that only contained veggies. What does that taste like? For sure that'd be great for weight loss! But I MUST have my yummy fruits!