food allergies

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Connie H.
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I have been tentatively diagnosed with a severe allergy to Sulfites.........AKA preservatives and also naturally occuring in some foods.  The measurements are based on parts per million (ppm). It appears I do not react until the ppm are at 75 -100 percent. Since there is not a definitive test for this allergen, we are guessing here.  However, by watching what I eat and reading food labels, I have been able to stay out of the ER and have not had to use my Epi-pen.  I also am on several medications to help prevent a reaction.  I said all this to ask: How can I be sure the package of Superfood is ok to use??? Are they sulfite free to your knowledge??  Please respond as I am anxious to try them.........................Thank You, Connie H.


There are no added sulfites in the Superfood blends nor should any ingredients used contain them, however, they have not been formally tested.