Foods to help inflammation

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Steve L.
Joined: 6/12/2013

Just wondering if someone will let me know of foods that help with inflammation, specifically, sciatica, unless sciatica has nothing to do with inflamtion. My Mom quietly suffers and says nothing can help it, but I tend to disagree, I always like to think there's something natural that can be taken.

thanks' in advance.

Steve welcome to the forum! I hate to hear this about your Mom. Sciatica can be very painful and frustrating. Krista has written a great article about anti inflammatory foods and you can read it here About 12 years ago I had very bad sciatica. I tried everything and saw multiple doctors with no results. And then after a lot of research I found this group and their approach fixed it. I haven't had any problems since. I can only say they really helped me. I hope this helps, Healthy wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.
As someone who has suffered from siatica before, the only way I was able to relieve the pain was through surgery. I had to get a microdisectomy. It was the surgery where they shaved off the disk where it was bulging and hitting the nerve.
Thanks' Wally, it's funny, but just a few minutes after I posted the question I found the article from Krista. I'm looking through the other link you sent me now, thanks' for the help.
Wow, that had to be painful!
Steve you are most welcome. If I can be of further service just let me know. Let us know how you are doing. Healthy wishes, wally Bishop C.N.C.