Foods or Ingredients that Increase Appetite and Weight Gain

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Wally Bishop
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Some foods or ingredients in foods can actually increase appetite. Appetite is really a false sense of hunger. Hunger is actually when your body needs nourishment.  Its important to understand the difference. In addition appetite is stimulated by habit, smell and stress.

  • Chewing gum stimulates gastric juice from chewing waking up our stomach. The stomach starts producing gastric fluids creating a desire to eat.
  • Diet colas have artificial sweeteners that can actually stimulate appetite because they wake up the sweet taste buds. They make us eat more bad foods with the colas.
  • High fructose corn syrup slows down the production of leptin a hormone that tells us when we are full. In addition it interfere with our insulin metabolism and can make us more insulin resistant.
  • Prepared dinners like TV dinners are absent enough calories and nutrition to satisfy our bodies leaving us needing more and craving more so later we actually eat more than we would of if we would of just had a good healthy meal.
  • Candies, cookies and pastries blow your blood sugar levels sky high. You body compensates by releasing a lot of insulin, which causes your blood sugar to plummet. This sudden drop of blood sugar triggers other hormones that make you want to eat more sugars to raise it again.
  • Sugary drinks, breakfast cereals and breakfast bars are a repeat of candies, cookies and pastries. They raise blood sugar quickly, provide very little nutrition and leave you eating more and more!

If you want to lose weight, avoid these foods.

Healthy wishes

Wally Bishop C.N.C.

Some great tips Wally! Thanks for sharing!