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Eric S.
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Good luck in your triathlon!  Awesome story and I am rooting for you! 


May I ask you to post some of your recipes for what you like to blast?  I am a very tortoise-like runner, but want to keep boosting my nutrition levels.



Thanks so much ericws! I I appreciate it:) My current favorite blast is the following.... Handful Baby spinach leaves, 1 cored gala apple, 4 strawberries, 1/4 sliced cucumber, 10 almonds and 3/4 cup water. I find it satisfies my post run thirst and the amount of vitamins and minerals I receive all at the same time gives me a huge energy boost!!!! Keep plugging away at the miles and speed work. I used to be a 10-11 min miler and over time slowly improved my speed!!! Keep blasting! It helps more than you know! Jenn
Thank you. I will try that recipe! My 5k time is a little over 28 minutes, and my half-marathon best so far is 2:23, so i'm getting there! I hope you post how you did- good luck again.
Ericws, Both your 5k and 1/2Ericws, Both your 5k and 1/2 marathon times are very respectable! Keep it up. Frequency of running over time is the key to faster racing. Keep getting out there! With good nutrition you are sure to improve with each upcoming race! Keep me posted on your races as well! I have written a race re-cap about my race and you will see it up on nutriliving very shorty;) Run Strong! Jenn Giles