Found this asparagus infographic ... thoughts?

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Nutri B.
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Another good reason to enjoy asparagus!! Any recipes suggestions anyone?? :)
I'm not sure I'd say asparagus is a cancer CURE, but as with all other fruits and veggies, it contains a wide variety of nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants that help fight off free radicals which are known cancer promoters. There was a crazy article a while back circulating the Internet called "Asparagus for Cancer" that touted miraculous tales of overcoming cancer with this green veggie, however these cannot be confirmed and are most likely just lore. While it may not be the cure, it certainly has beneficial properties and is a great ingredient to add to a NutriBlast! I have actually not used asparagus in my NutriBlast yet. I'd love some recipes too :)
I am fond of steamed asparagas with just a little olive oil and a touch of salt
I love asparagus. This is definitely an interesting infographic that makes me feel even better about eating asparagus every meal I can!
One way I love to prepare asparagus is by laying the asparagus on a cookie sheet pan...throwing a little bit of olive oil on them...sprinkling them with some fresh ground pepper and a little bit of parmesan cheese....Then using the george foreman grill, I grill them until they are perfectly yummy and crispy! :-)
That sounds tasty and pretty easy Scott!