Fresh Cranberries

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Jenny R.
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I see there is a cranberry orange recipe, but are the cranberries raw or cooked to any degree? Any one have any experience or opinions about cranberry based smoothies?

Raw cranberries are bitter-tasting. These berries are traditionally sweetened and cooked or sweetened and dried to reduce some of their tartness. You can eat cranberries in their raw state, but the pungent flavor may not be pleasing to your palate. I like to use frozen cranberries and add in some sweet ingredients to overpower the tartness! If you buy sweet cranberries, check to make sure what they sweeten them with and that the added sugar isn't too high.
I just had my first experience with a cranberry a few days ago and it was very unpleasant, definitely not what I was expecting, so I looked for a recipe hoping that I didn't buy a whole bag of cranberries in vain. I found the "Orange Cranberry Nutriblast" and it was delicious! I just made a little adjustment, instead of water I used vanilla almond milk, I highly recommend it ;-)
Can you share your cranberry orange recipe?
anbrown wrote: Can you share your cranberry orange recipe?
Here it is:
Cranberries are great for urinary track problems. I live in New Jersey and we have them grown locally. Yes they are bitter but you can add apple pear or orange to cut the tartness. We have a cranberry festival in October here and they sell in bulk. I buy them an freeze them in freezer bags and they last all winter to make great healthy smoothies. You can try and mix and match any other berries with them to cut the tartness. But apple works best for me.
I just made a Cranberry is so good! Recipe - 1/2 Cup Rinsed Fresh (raw) Cranberries, 1/2 cup Fresh or frozen Strawberries, 1 medium orange pulp with about 4 good strips ( 3/4-1 by 3/4-1 inch pieces) of just zest (no pith), 5-6 frozen cherries, Two good handfuls of Raw Walnuts (1/3 - 1/2 cup). My goal is to sweeten with fruit least unless absolutely necessary. The cherries do this for me, as do dates. So, if you need it sweeter, add some more cherries, a few medjool dates...or if you must, raw honey or a good organic 100% maple syrup. NOTE: I use organic or I wash/rinse the fruit and nuts in 2 TBL. distilled vinegar mixed with 1 1/2- 2 cups water and then rinse in regular water, especially the outside of the oranges for the zest. I had to do that today for this recipe as the cranberries were not available in organic, and organic oranges and strawberries are horrible this time of year.