Friends think I am CRAZY!!

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Sharon D.
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Just so everyone knows, I have posted before to this feeling better every day, but now my friends think I am crazy!  They tell me I have a problem.  I was trying to level my sugar so decided to try taking a frozen blast to work in the evening and eat it like ice cream & I just may add that if you use ginger & cinnamon, those flavors really come out when frozen.  Well, my friends will not even sit with me as they say it is just gross.....of course the color is, but the taste is wonderful frozen!  My best friend then told me I have a real problem and I need help!  Another lady told me I would get very tired of it soon.  Well I have been doing this since the beginning of April, lost 22 pounds, sugar IS under control with no medication, & cholesterol way down.  Yes, I am crazy.....about feeling so great, having energy, sleeping soundly & the lost pounds, so will I get tired of feeling that way?  I certainly hope not, because at 62, I feel better than I have ever felt.  Maybe I will not gross them out any longer, while I watch them down the Mountain Dew, and shove unhealthy stuff in their mouths on our breaks tho....well I may have to think about it......guess I could always sit somewhere else....OH & yes, I do eat other not sure why they think I am crazy?? LOL

Some people don't like when they see other people do something healthy like improve their diet, exercise, lose weight, etc... They don't really sound like "friends" to me.....
I just think they are really envious as I am committed to feeling better & have been able to to that! Now I am trying to find a good color blast to freeze! Any ideas? They are friends but they just don't get it! I will miss them when I move to Georgia! LOL
Can you share (or post where to find it in this forum) what fruits/veges freeze best in the nutriblast? Or, should I just freeze my normal morning shake? Mine are so thin that I think that they would freeze too hard. Thanks!
Sallyes.....I just made my normal blast and froze it. I use lots of things in it usually, but mostly use everything frozen to begin with...frozen kale, spinach, banana, kiwi, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, cherries. I usually start with the veggies...adding a couple baby carrots, a little Boston lettuce, celery top, vanilla protein powder and about 1/2 inch of ginger....blast then add my frozen fruit, chia, flax walnuts, & cinnamon...then I put in a small but kind of deeper container in freezer all day and take out about an hour and a half before I want to eat...consistency of ice cream then. it looks awful .... like dirt but tastes good. someone told me to try celery, carrots, peaches & vanilla protein powder and it may not look so bad, so may try. When you make your blast use frozen or add ice but run it under a little water first to knock the edges down...I do not fill my container with water...I start with about 2 inches with my veggies is all. I like mine very thick.
I made one this afternoon with celery, frozen cranberries, one orange, one apple, coconut water....and ice.....blasted into a very lovely was delish !!! the friends think I am crazy too ...but I think they are jealous .
lol Peanuttyist!! I am glad I am not alone! I did make one this afternoon that was orange...celery, baby carrots, peaches, vanilla protein powder, only half a scoop tho, a couple of slices f lemon, cinnamon & turneric. I was out of ginger or would have put some of that in. It was really refreshing...............and light orange...I do not think it would "offend" anyone's eyesight!! Yours sounds good tho too, so will have to try. I have to try to keep to the lower sugar fruits tho, as I am diabetic. I know I cannot "eat" apples but have not tried to blast yet. I bought a couple of pears to try when at the store today, so next will be apples! Thanks for the idea and for letting me know I am not the only one who has crazy friends!! Yes, I know they are jealous!!
Tomorrow morning I am going to try celery, spinach, peaches, cranberries and protein powder...I think someone should create white spinach....look out Shark Tank I have an idea ....
Peanuttyist I think you have a marvelous idea!! Go for it! Please let me know when it is available! I can't believe I forgot to buy this week tho.....but have plenty frozen already!
Green is my favorite color, so I am happy with each shade of green my blasts come out!
Many people can be very judgmental when it comes to how others eat. I think a lot of this has to do with mass marketing and the conditioning of ideas in regards to the SAD /Standard American Diet. I had "friends" who quit asking me to come and visit and share a meal when I quit eating all processed foods and went full Paleo. I can only imagine what they would say about my amazing yummy blast I am sipping on now ... kale, parsley, mint, cinnamon with a little chunk of green apple and a few blueberries, hemp. Looks like sludge, tastes like nirvana. Just smile and keep enjoying your blasts ! BTW, I had given up apples altogether (I was not able to fully digest them) - however, a little apple in my blasts have not bothered me at all !
This is awesome! Thank you for sharing your story!
Late to the forum here but anyway….keep doing what makes YOU feel great. We are each ultimately the ones responsible for our own heath. Sounds like these are co-workers and you may be the 'the old crazy guy' at 62 (just guessing) - let 'em think what they will, eventually some may get curious & want to do the same. I'm wondering, if this is your employment environment and if you get 'sick days' - do you get compensated if you DON'T take them?