Fruit Flies

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Hoss K.
Joined: 8/16/2013

In my Blasting journey becuse of using a lot of fruit, I am getting a lot of flies keeping me company.

Does any one have an idea how to get rid of these pesty guests? I do clean a lot after I make my blasts, and even cover the blaster with a large paper towel.

But it has not worked sofar, and I don't want them to showup in my blaster, I guess I wouldn't know since I am blasting everything


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Set a trap! I use an old almond butter glass jar - add in some apple cider vinegar (and if you have some beer they love that too)...then put Saran wrap on the top - seal it w/ a rubber band then poke super tiny holes in it. The flies go in to get the sweet stuff and can't get back out :) Also, you can buy a fruit basket w/ a net or store most of your goodies in the fridge if appropriate.
You really only need to set out a small bowl or other container with a half inch or so of vinegar. Mix in a drop or two of dish washing liquid detergent to break the surface tension. The little buggers swoop in for a drink and drown happy!