Gas Pain From Eating Kale

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marlo h.
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Hello! I have been NutriBlasting for about three months now. I use mainly kale and spinach, but sometimes I do rotate the greens. It is not until recently that I am experiencing gas pain from kale. Please shed some light on why my body can no longer digest the kale properly. Also, please share some tips as to how I can prevent and reduce the gas pain.

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Check out this article about bloating and gas... Raw kale is a bit more difficult for some people to digest. I would suggest that you try to vary your greens more often and maybe choose things besides kale for a few weeks and limit it to maybe 3 times a week after that. If pain still persists, please check in with your Dr. You may need to consider exploring things like digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements or testing HCL levels to ensure your digestive support is top notch.
Thank you so much!