Getting thru afternoon lull

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Lauren F.
Joined: 2/20/2014

Do you have any suggestions of recipes that provide you with a lot of energy when you hit the afternoon lull. I'm looking for a blast that I can make in the morning, bring to work, will taste good still in the afternoon, and will help get me thru the rest of the day. I tried Chocoberry blast which didn't taste very good after sitting all morning in the fridge and actually made me more tired after consuming. 

Thanks in advance! 

I like a pure veggie blast with a little kick and bite in the afternoon. Greens in the bottom, a stalk of celery, a couple chunks of cuke, a radish, juice of half a lemon, dash of hot sauce, and tomato juice or a blend of it and water for a Bloody Mary/gazpacho kinda thing. Very refreshing and light, so no calorie load before dinner. If you need some calories, a couple spoonfulsnof Greek yogurt only adds can bit, while lending creaminess and good protein. You could even stir that in just before serving as a garnish. I find the thinner blasts like this retain good flavor kept cold longer than creamier fruit ones and it is easier to hand shake the mixture into its best form. Trty it! Spice your afternoon!
Thanks! That does sound refreshing. I will try it & let you know how it goes! :)