hard to open blade assembly

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Gail C.
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I wrote this one just now but don't see it listed.  It is hard for me to open the blade assembly after a blast if

I close it too tight, but if I leave it looser it leaks.  Do you have suggestions as to how to open a  tight

blade aseembly?

Are you using any warm or carbonated liquids? This causes the pressure inside the cup making it difficult to open.
no I am not. could kefir do it?
Hi, I'm having trouble getting the seal back on the blade assembly after cleaning it. ??? Help
candygirl wrote: no I am not. could kefir do it?
Absolutely - as kefir ferments, carbon dioxide is released. Try it without to make sure that's the issue.
I have also found that a dash of apple cider vinegar or some hot sauces cause this pressure build-up. I blast, the shake or stir those ingredients in after the fact.
Hi, there is a small indention on the hard plastic part of the ring. Start there and push it in using your finger tip or a spoon handle. Once in it fits perfectly. I would suggest removing it every few uses to rinse it well since mold can start to build up underneath.