health issues and meds

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Lurene C.
Joined: 12/12/2014
I am not new to healthy living nor to juicing fruits and vegetables, but I have just recently purchased the NutriBullet RX and find it very easy to use and very easy to keep clean. I made my first "green drink," to detox, and that evening when I went to bed I felt so calm, almost lifeless (after taking my night-time meds) that it scared me. I felt as if I would not wake up if I fell asleep. I have AtrialFibrillation and take Cardizem 240 for this. Have any of you experienced anything like this? I notice the warning to ask your doctor if you have health issues or take any prescriptions. Anyway, this is my concern, and would appreciate any feedback, as I really want to get started eating a healthier diet.
I guess it would be good to speak with your G.P. The only thing is, they tend to be negative about this sort of t hing. I have underactive Thyroid and BP [high] I am on Statins, I am also on Antidepressants, I bought the machine today, so was very dissapointed to see the contraindications... surely most people over 60 are on many of these drugs... I feel it should have been advertisedmoreabout who should not take this. I have to now go and ask my G.P . who basically is anti anything otherthan drugs.