Hello from another UK newbie!

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Judith D.
Joined: 8/24/2013

Just wanted to say Hi! I've been so excited about getting my NB I tried to use my small kenwood blender while I waited. Then my NB arrived. Wow!

I'm pretty unhealthy and take lots of prescribed meds - I see the red boxes all over the booklet say that you should consult your doctor before using NB. Why is this? Isn't it just a more efficient way of making the most of your recommended fruit and veg? (My ailments include Insulin dependent diabetes, cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and gastritis - all pretty well controlled with their relevant meds).

Be great if someone can throw so light on this.


We recommend discussing any dietary changes, including the introduction of NutriBlasts, with your Dr. if you are taking these prescription medications. When consuming more fruits and vegetables, favorable outcomes such as reduced cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and improved sleep, among others, have been recorded. In this case, medication dosages would need to be adjusted. In addition, some foods may interact with certain medications (most notably grapefruit and citrus fruits) which might increase the potency of the drug and cause negative side effects.
Hi Judith from another UK NB user ... I am still using it every day and am feeling better for having much more vits - especially in the morning before going to work, normally it was just a croissant and a large coffee! I wouldnt stress too much about the warnings on the box, like Krista says, in certain individuals there may be certain reactions so better to check, but I dont think the average person needs to worry. I hope that you are enjoying your NB ... have a lovely day.
Good to hear from you - thanks for the advice.
Welcome to the community! We are excited that you are here!