Hello from California!

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Scott B.
Joined: 10/23/2012

My name is Scott Bradley and I have been NutriBlasting since April 2012!

I absolutely love my NutriBullet, and use it at least once per day to make yummy smoothies, and drinks that help me live better and healthier!

I look forward to connecting with you all!



Hello Scott, My name is DonnaHello Scott, My name is Donna and I have been using my NutriBullet for almost 1 month. I really enjoy the Blasts and look forward to drinking it each day. I also love trying different recipes. I am mostly using fruit and greens so far. I have not purchased the nibs or chia seeds. I do use Flax seeds and Flax meal in my blasts as well as roasted almonds. Today my blast was Kale, a honey mango, banana, almond milk, and 1/8 cup roasted almonds. It was really yummy!
Hello all. I have been blasting since March and love it. As a dietitian, it has been a great way to get people on board with eating fruits and vegetables. I love this product and see how it is changing peoples lives!!
Almond milk, yummm. I like mine plain, no vanilla or sugar & may try making it w/ my NB I flake/roll my own oatmeal, w/ cinnamon & sometimes dried fruits. I use goats milk, or organic almond milk. Have used sun tea, & 1/3 cup of Odwalla's "Mango Tango" fruit smoothie (a little goes a "l o n g" way!!!!) My friends are willing guinee's...... Tomorrow will be my 1st week w/ my NB. I watched the infomercials for weeks before deciding to take the plunge. I like to play with food & @ 73 I still cook, can, dehydrate, & have a small garden this year. I go to Goshen, Indiana monthly, with friends, to a Raw Food meet-up @ Maple City Market which is a co-op. bye for now,