hello from a Florida mama of 5

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April K.
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Good morning all! My name is April and I'm a crunchy mama of five little energy balls. Clean eating is something I am passionate about & live by "you are what you eat." I was the skinny kid who always got picked on growing up & it never ends. I do not struggle weight, but inflammation for sure. I'm so sick of bloat and achy knees, going dairy free 100% (mostly am anywAy as I seem to be lactose intolerant) and going gluten/ grain free also! Cheated a bit this holiday season which is fine. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen for sure. After many years of personal research and reading I am convinced how damaging the average diet is- chemicals, additives, synthetics have no place in our food! It makes me crazy at how many people just don't care to know. 

My 8 year old son chose the NutriBullet as his gift for me this Christmas :) He knows how I love my smoothies. I really am excited about it, and blasting the new year off with a super charged healthy bang! I kinda feel bad, as my mom got me a pretty awesome juicing machine which is great for sure BUT will hold second place to the bullet! I look forward to this site and community for tips, recipes and friendship. Be well.



Thank you for sharing your story! Your son is a great gift giver ;) We hope you enjoy it. Keep us posted and let us know if you have any questions or just want to chat nutrition! Happy New Year!!