Hello! I am from Southern Missouri

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Debbie T.
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I am so glad to be here and excited about the nutri bullet! And happy to make new friends here as well, I am 47 yrs old and I live in Southern Missouri in a popular tourist town and I work for the airport here.My mother was diagnosed with cancer last year and after looking into alternative methods of treatment, I was shocked to come across all these natural ways to treat and cure cancer such as the Gerson Therapy. Fascinating stuff and then was disheartened to learn they didnt have a clinic here in the US for treatment. So she decided to go the traditional route with Chemo and all that, we are still waiting for test results to see how all that went. Anyway, I realized then that I needed to make some serious health changes in my life and  get rid of bad unhealthy habits and knew that something along the lines of the gerson therapy would be the best way to go, enter the Nutri Bullet! WOW  is all I can say! I am diabetic and I also have Candida and I am also overweight. I cannot wait to start sharing with you the results of using the Nutri Bullet and sharing my journey with everyone. One thing I did do and I am very proud of myself for it, I did stop smoking on Easter and I'm so HAPPY that I did! One step to a healthier me!  I cant wait to meet everyone and become friends! :)

Hi. Glad to meet you. Are you male or female? Are you insulin dependant diabetic. If not you have a good chance of eliminating this disease with diet and weight loss. Interested in your progress.
Hello sorry I didnt determine that I am female and no I am not insulin dependant YAY! soo I am excited about all these possibilities for my life woot! So nice to meet you!
Welcome to NutriLiving! HaveWelcome to NutriLiving! Have you seen these articles here? They might be of interest to you :) http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/how-nurtiblast-candida http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/blasting-blood-sugar-control Happy Blasting and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!
Welcome! It is so great to have you here! I look forward to your future posts!