help for fungus skin condition(tinea versicolor)

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Michael R.
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Hi, I think the nutribullet is awesome.LOVE it,Love It, .  I have a skin condition that returns every year. Tinea vericolor is what the doctor calls it. He presibe selsun blue ( it smells bad) and a presctiption( bad for you kidneys) .Is there any receipe for blasters for this skin conditon. Please Help

Mike...I actually had this same fungus appear on my back while living in Bali. My Dr. said it was a combination of the humid tropical environment, a weakened immune system and stress. So, I am afraid to say I'm not aware of a particular food that can help cure it, however if you focus on those three areas then something may prove beneficial :) Almost all NutriBlasts are antioxidant-rich to help boost immunity! In addition, try to focus on the anti-fungal ingredients like garlic, cold-pressed coconut oil, ginger, oregano oil (use according to directions), and apple cider vinegar. Celery, carrot, parsley, cranberries are all good for kidney health. I actually had to still use the external cream since I was living in such a humid environment. Thankfully, it went away when I came back to the USA and as long as I keep healthy and stress free I don't think it will return. Also, the obvious - stay dry! Keep me posted and I'll let you know if I find any other new ideas.
Thanks,I'll keep blasting with the bullet.