Help! I will be lost without my Nutri-Bullet

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fran w.
Joined: 1/04/2013

 My large cup became stuck on the base this morning.  It won't power on and I can't dislodge it.  I use this daily and did have this happen once before, but after a struggle I was able to remove it.  No luck this morning and I am so frustrated!!!

Any suggestions?

Sorry franwockenfuss, we cannot handle customer service issues through this site. Please contact them by phone or email.
I have a very similar problem right now. My short cup was stuck on the base while it was still spinning. As I couldn't dislodge, I couldn't shut it off. In order to prevent from damaging the motor, I had to unplug the power code. If I plug it again, it works ok. But, I simply can't take the cup out of the base!! Could you dislodge the cup? If so, could you please share how did you do that?