help with taste of smoothies

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Brenda C.
Joined: 10/04/2014

Hello I am having a hard time finding a smoothie that I can drink.  I can't get passed the green taste.  All of my smoothies are the same way.  What am I doing wrong. Everyone talks about how great they taste but putting all these foods together doesn't taste good to me. I can hardly drink them.   Any advice.

Hi Brenda, I put in baby spinach a handful, handful almonds, strawberries and a banana and kiwi fruit if you like it, YUM...GOOD LUCK
I've noticed kale is probably the harshest of the greens....try halving your green amount and use baby spinach as FG suggested. Also a dab of Stevia would sweeten things up for you.
Thank you I will give it a try.
Start off with something like baby spinach as I find that the mildest of greens. Maybe put a small handful in to begin with and build up? I had to get used to drinking something that didn't taste as sugary as supermarket smoothies but I think you get used to it if you persevere. Just think of the benefits for your body :)
So you can use Stevia?