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Sherry M.
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I just opened the box and am about to make my first blast.  You've been using the Nutribullet for a while.  What is your best helpful hint for a newbie regarding any aspect of the process (before, during, after)? 

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I think one of the things I follow every day is this tip... "Don't be afraid to experiment!" Sometimes the most interesting combinations make the best drinks!
Hi! I used my nutribullet for the first time last night. I wasn't all that prepared (didn't follow a recipe) but was excited so I threw in what I had on hand (kale, cuc, strawberries). My apologies but I was gagging the whole time I was drinking it. The taste was horrible (I'm sure the combo was not good - I will do better next time) but moreso was the texture - there were little bits of kale in the drink. It was not completely smooth/liquid. I thought I blended for long enough but can someone please tell me if this is usual or just my error somehow? I may have to get a strainer... Thank you!
How much liquid did you use?
There shouldn't be bits of kale. Be sure to use enough liquid - to the max line, but not over. Do not pack your ingredients too tightly. And be sure to run the NutriBullet long enough - it should take from 20-60 seconds depending on the ingredients included. If for some reason it requires more then let it rest for about 30 seconds and do a second blast.