HELP...My Blade Bent!!!

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Karen S.
Joined: 11/10/2014
Hi, ive been using my Nutribullet for a few weeks and LOVE it!! BUT i did my usual spinach, grapes, frozen strawberries & blueberries then water to the max line....whizzed it up. When i was drying the blade i noticed one of the blades looked bent upwards and wasnt inline with the opposite blade.
Im so disappointed! Ive watched the Nutribullet advert a couple of times and they put frozen fruit it and it says in the manual you can use frozen fruit an ice!!!
Do i need new blades now? Will Nutribullet replace them?
Many thanks in anticipation
Hello, Karen. What you'reHello, Karen. What you're describing is actually by design. One of the upward bending blades bends higher than the opposite one. In other words, the two upward bending blades are not supposed to be inline with each other :) .