Hemp Protein

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Tammy R.
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I am in the military.  I believe the military has banned hemp seeds in the event a person tests positive on a drug test.  

The Super Energy Boost has Hemp protein.  How is that different, and what are the chances I would test positive on a urinalysis?

Hemp Protein Powder is produced when whole hemp seeds are cold-pressed to expel the oil, leaving behind a dry "cake." This cake is then milled at low temperatures to remove some of the fiber and produce a concentrated form of protein. We have not tested it in drug tests, however according to this link here, drug tests have not been affected with the consumption of hemp seeds since there is no measurable THC in the seeds or protein that we consume. http://nutiva.com/company/faq/hemp-faq/ However, if you are worried, then better play it safe.
Theres no thc in the seed, its fine.