Here's a New Change for Me

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Roberta C.
Joined: 8/23/2013

So, today it was 87 degrees in my classroom and 95 degrees in the parking lot when I left school for the day. Hot. And I don't do hot well. But I realized after these last two incredibly hot days that I am tolerating it far, far better than I had in DECADES. Yes, I am sweaty and my hair is a dripping scouring pad of frizz, but I am breathing well and I am not sapped and logy and I am mentally focused. That's new since I've been blasting.

That's a new one! Thanks for sharing with us :) I'm glad you've noticed a positive difference.
That is great! Thank you for sharing your story! :)
And the shifts continue I'd keeping better, more comfortable in my skin and in my world, less joint pain, greater mobility. Feeling good...except for that nagging sluggish bowel.