Hi everybody, here's my story which lead to me and my wife purchsing our Nutribullet

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Mike P.
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I'm Mike Pugh but folks can call me Mike,

I'm from New York City and looking to meet some cool folks who enjoy making Nutribullet recipes. Me and my wife are into making juicing videos and sharing them onto the Youtube platform and it feels so good to do so, because we are also helping the online communities we are a part of to learn and to benefit from that which we are learning to develop with our videos and juice recipes. We enjoy experimenting with differing fruits and vegatables to come up with healthy and nutritious recipes that also taste great.


This has been a long journey for me, because I use to always consume processed foods for years on end. I know many folks have been through much of the same transformation and I would like to thank my wife for helping to bring me out of such a dietary comma of sorts.


With the help of her I discovered a great deal of useful information both online and off. This lead me to folks like David Wolfe, and his useful Youtube videos, as well as countless others like Dr Max Gerson and The Gerson miracle. From such a time which was actually back in January of 2012 (I was exposed to living and eating organic foods for about 3 years prior to that, by my wife as well.) I began to do tons of my own research and as a online writer I began plugging away onto a writers network and into blogs of my own. (I wrote an article about it and about my mothers battle with cancer.)


This experience as a whole was so enlightening, because my mother had passed away due to breast cancer back in 2007, and so I was very anxious to discover anything remotely close to an answer as to why she couldn't recover (She livied with the reched disease for 10+ years). She had tons of experimental Chemotherapy for over 8 years off and on. So I had felt it wasn't right what she had been put through even during that time, but couldn't do a thing or offer any useful advice due to my ignorance about health and the cancer causing agents she surcome to. About 2 year later I was introdcued to various documentaries about health and the food movement by my wife.


Soon I began to see the light, and that's when I began to watch more and more health videos on Youtube as well, and I also started to understand what the problem was with our health crisis here in the United States and worldwide. Before then though I couldn't fully comprehend it all, and what my wife was trying to warn me about a year prior in 2008, because I hadn't yet fully understood the reasons to why it all is bad for us in terms of eating processed foods, and consuming unhealthy drinks loaded with acidic chemicals, artificial flavors, colors, sugars, and those pasteurised drinks as well.


Around the January time of 2012 that I had mentioned earlier, me and wife was conversating fourth and back about health, somehow we began a heated debate about PH balance, Acids, Alkaline etc... (This lead us to some intense revealing information about blood PH.)


This was the start of a long debate that evening, but what was to surface had blown both of our minds (Even though she had known tons more about health, veganism, organic life, juicing etc... then me), and that was around the time we had discovered what happens on the molecular level, and cellular level to that of our blood; both our white, and red blood cells due to mostly consuming processed foods. (The other issues we discovered was how our arteries and veins are being blocked by cholestorol pieces due to the lack of physical fitness, consumption of fats and greesy foods, and other health conditions we researched up on in conjunction.)


My research grew considerably ever since that time (I still have tons more to learn for sure), and it lead me and her to purchasing our Nutribullet and a quest to help alert the masses, but starting with our friends, family, associates, and along side the food movement that had already began years prior to my rude awakening to such poorly understood or not so well known knowledge. Now I truly understand what an Antioxidant is, why we need them, and what foods have them best. Without such knowledge a person will be somewhat lost in it  all, and trying to put the puzzle pieces together or just totally oblivious to it all.


I'm here in the community to share good vibes, cool personal success stories of juicing and whatever I can contribute to the community. When my wife gets home I will tell her about this great find, and cool community I have had the privelege to locate and join. Thanks for accepting me into it here, and I hope to meet some cool people soon, and to converse every once in a blue.


So glad you are here and love your story! Sounds alot like mine in a way! Looking forward to hearing more from you and your wife! :)
CloudExplorer I look forward to reading and learning more as you continue your wellness journey. Keep posting Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
It is so great to have you here! :) Thank you for sharing your story!