Hi From Wales

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Andy S.
Joined: 7/11/2013

Hi Everyone,

Wishing you all the very best from Wales. I'm so happy with my Nuribullet, Which I got a few days ago. Been having a Nutriblast everyday. Starting off simple  (Spinach, blueberries, rasberries, bannana, almonds and water). I'm excited for when my order arrives containing Cacao, gogi berries and other amazing delights :)

Have Fun





Congrats! I hope you feel as well as I do after a couple of months! I started in April and cannot believe how great I feel and sleep so soundly now! Enjoy your new way of life! Sharon
Thanks Sharon! That is really encouraging! I am so glad I found the Nutribullet and hope to feel the benefits too All the Best Andy
Welcome to the forum! We are happy to have you here!
Thank you Scott, Wishing you lots of Health and Happiness from Wales :)