hormone/ depression

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amy n.
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The book touched on the depression. And the names of the drinks don't help me much. I am looking for a couplr drinks to help with depression and help balance hormones. Any ideas?

Type in "hormones" and then "depression" into the search bar under the recipes tab for a few suggestions. We also have some articles that provide nutrient suggestions for these two topics. Search under the articles tab too!
A great way to also do research on things that make you happier to battle depression would be to google the phrase, "foods that make you happy" Here is one such article with the reason why each ingredient helps you be happier. http://listverse.com/2012/03/28/10-foods-to-make-you-happier/ Enjoy!
Just a side note on this recommendation. Be sure to know the source of the information. There's a lot of crazy, inaccurate advice floating around the Internet. Find reputable sources for your information. Usually research and academic institutions (and sometimes non-profits) provide excellent resources. Also, check out the credentials of the author. Any Nancy, Joe, or Sue can write a blog...but if a respectable Dr. or dietitian authors advice, it is probably more accurate :)