How do I choose what health issue to address with all the smoothie recipes?

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Linda C.
Joined: 4/02/2014

I have a few issues with my health that I am trying to correct and improve.  I am just so confused on what "Smoothie" category I should choose.  Could you give me some advise on how should I approach the task of improving my health.
Do I try one issue at a time?



You're in luck that a lot of ingredients you'd use for one issue are also helpful for another! Remember NutriBlasts are not like prescription medications so there's no set number I can tell you to drink or how often. The main idea is to include many of the foods that are known to help with the various health ailments in order to start to see improvements. It's always great to get a variety of nutrients so my suggestion for you would be to switch the recipes up either daily or weekly. Another approach is to look at the issues you are dealing with to see if there is an underlying source that may be causing it all so that you can start with that approach and hopefully the others will clear up as well.