How often do we use the same blast recipe when trying to control certain issues for example Blood pressure?

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Douglas S.
Joined: 3/05/2014

I'm not sure how often we're supposed to do a certain recipe for a certain issue. Do we do it once a day or once every other day or once a week I'm not sure?   Thanks Doug

It's not so much like a prescription. The recipes are really designed using ingredients that have been shown helpful for certain conditions. For example, ginger helps aid digestion and relieve an upset stomach so this would be added to a recipe for digestive issues. Amounts may vary from person to person. I usually recommend that you try the recipe once a day for 2-3 days to see how you feel. At that point, I'd suggest incorporating some other NutriBlast recipes in order to get a variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.