How long does the NutriBullet blades last

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Audra B.
Joined: 10/25/2013

I've been using my NB consistenly for a little over a month and the tall cup and blade are already looking used and worn.  I clean them thoroughly after each use. Is there something that I can do to preserve the cup/blade (cup looks very cloudy, regardless of how much I clean it and blade worn)?  From the appearance, it appears to not have much life left on the blade.


After reading some of the posts I'm worried my blade will break down! How long should they last, this is a great question! Can someone please answer? Is the blade covered under warranty? Is it ok to add ice to the blast?
The blades are under warranty for a year. If you have problems contact customer service at 855-346-8874. They're open everyday from 9-8pm EST.