How long can you keep an already made up nutriblast? Overnight ?

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judith G.
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How nutritious would it be after 24 hours?

I'm talking from experience, I've been blasting the night before so I can take it to work as my breakfast the next day. So, that would be at least 7 hrs in the fridge before I drink it within approx 2 hrs later. I still feel lots of energy, clear mind and lost weight. So i guess keeping it overnight you still have the nutrients live. I think leaving it for 24 hrs is pushing it.?
The shorter time between Blasting and consuming the better! Be mindful of three elements...heat/light/and air. If you control to reduce these, then it will last much longer. I'd recommend not leaving it for more than a day in the fridge. If you plan to make it more in advance, try freezing it and then thawing out prior to consuming.
I am on my second Nutribullet, as the first one failed in about a year. I think you should let your users know that when the extractor blades get "wobbly", don't continue using it. Rust and oil seeps down into the glass, which makes you extremely ill and causes you to throw up. I thought I had used rancid products and threw everything away, just to find out later that the extractor was leaking rust and oil into the mix. I replaced the extractor blade once, but it got "wobbly" in about 6 months. I think this is a serious health issue that your users need to be warned about. Berlin Hall
Thank you so much for posting this, Berlin. I never would have known. I just bought my NutriBullet Pro today and am so excited to use it, but this is a serious issue. Again I thank you for posting this.
I find that putting several ice cubes in the newly made "blast" can keep it fresher in the refrigerator overnight ( when freezing is not an option)