How long can you keep a nutriblast in the frig?

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Linda S.
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I just received my nutribullet and would like to know if anyone can tell me how long I can keep a portion of the juice in the frig?  Also, are you suppose to drink the entire tall glass of the blast once you make it?

I have asked this as well and haven't received an answer....
I have heard it is good to drink it within 45 minutes of blending it!
The shorter time between Blasting and consuming the better! Be mindful of three elements...heat/light/and air. If you control to reduce these, then it will last much longer. I'd recommend not leaving it for more than a day in the fridge. If you plan to make it more in advance, try freezing it and then thawing out prior to consuming. As far as is up to you. Most people drink a tall glass as a meal replacement and a small glass or half the tall for a snack. Follow your hunger/fullness cues. Store any left overs in the fridge with the screw cap tightly sealed. Drink the remainder within 24 hours for best quality!
If you add chia seeds, it will hold its consistency better!
Thanks for all you comments. I was hoping for at least 3 days because I wanted to make ahead and possibly store in tightly sealed Stainless Steel container. I'll just keep for 24 hours at the most to be on the safe side. Thanks Again!
You can consider freezing it. 18. Q: Can I freeze a NutriBlast and, if so, for how long will it keep and still retain its nutrients and enzymes? A: You can freeze a NutriBlast and thaw it the night before. Enzymes hold up pretty well in the cold freezer (just not in the heat), so freezing is an option. Depending on the ingredients in your NutriBlast, it may keep in the freezer for a few weeks if sealed in an airtight container. When freezing your NutriBlast, do not store it in the NutriBullet cup. Your NutriBlast should be transferred from the cup to an to appropriate freezer-safe container prior to freezing.