How much to put in Nutri Bullet

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Steve S.
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I never can seem to get the right amt of ingedients, always too much and the nutri billet seems to leak out some.  How do I gage what amt to put in.  I am used to using a vita mix, so this is hard for me.  Is there any way to clean the base part, if it leaks out?  I love this nutri bullet and want to do it right.  ALL suggestions are appreciated


Do not go over the Max line with the liquid and stay as close to the max line w/ the whole food ingredients. It needs room to blend so the extra space is vital to prevent leaking. Feel free to adjust the recipes. Use them to gauge ratios of ingredients. Sometimes produce varies in size so we need to make adjustments. Good luck!
I'm struggling with this too! Yesterday I put a handful of spinach in and a small apple and I was already to the max line. I added a few chunks of pineapple, just a few strawberries and some goji berries and filled to the max line with almond milk. It ended up leaking into chamber. This keeps happening to me. How do you guys do it? I find that any of the recipes are impossible to make without overfilling it.
Sometimes this is due to produce coming in various sizes. I suggest to use the recipes as a guide. Maybe use 1/2 an apple when it calls for one or chop it up more so that it can fit. We apologize for the trouble. We are working to make sure future recipes are easier to implement.
I use a lot of different ingredients, but not too much of any of them - a handful of spinach 3 strawberries, handful blueberries, 1/3 banana and/or apples, pears. I have just begun using a few powdered fruits and veggies which gives me even more ingredients w/out taking up a lot of space. My bullet has only leaked once and it was my fault. I'm always full- I drink 24 ozs. every morning.
Im new here. I found in the first days I used my nutribullet I wanted to put everything and I mean everything in my drink. Then I came across recipes with two and three items in their drinks and they tasted great. I have two drinks a day and so I do spinach and maybe blueberries and a banana in the morning and then spinach again with perhaps strawberries and pineapple in the evening. But I always add almonds, cinnamon and braggs apple cider vinegar, ginger and a splash of lemon juice. I watch more of the water line but do fill my bullet to the top with product. Have not had any problems with leaks yet.The large cup makes two drinks for me and my husband. So I don't see how people can complain about not being able to get enough in the container. Just cut down on the number of items your using. My first bullet drink had 14 items. Alot of cutting and alot of money.
I find that if I over fill with ingredients then I just have to use less water and it does not leak. I then add some extra water and just shake it up myself.
I've had my Nutribullet since October and can't live without it! I have substituted two meals a day with Blasts. Unfortunately I too have have experienced leaking problems. For one the amounts listed in the recipes are way off, you would need a large cup 3x the size of the one provided. I have also noticed on the extractor blade that the gasket for the first few months had a nice "gummy like" secure feel to it. That has since gone away which has caused me to make sure the blade is tightened even harder than before to the cup to avoid leaking. When it does leak it goes into the power base, and really becomes a terrible exercise in panic cleaning, because I don't want the power base to fry out. My girlfriend bought a Ninja but returned it because it was too cumbersome to clean, and she cut her hand cleaning it. I think Nutribullet because of it's convenience, and footprint is the ideal machine to own. I hope that the design team is listening to a their customer base and can address the above problems, before a competitor does. Pat Kennedy
I have never ever gone by a recipe. I always fill to the top with ingredients. I even mash the ingredients down to get more in. But I do watch the water fill line and never use the maximum amount of water. My drinks are thicker but thats ok. Maybe I'm lucky but I've never had a leak.
I'm on my second day trying the Nutribullet and began with 1 blast a day, starting with the Phase 1 suggestions... both days, I got major leaks even though I didn't even fit everything mentioned in the recipe. You guys really need to provide a guideline of the quantity of each fruit. For example, you could say 1/2 cup when bits are about the size of a raspberry. This would give us a good idea when we start and we could have the right mix of fruits. For leaking: since there is a hole in the base where the cup sits, obviously the leakage goes through that into the base. Why not design it with a straw going down that hole and out the bottom, as a safeguard? This way, occasional "miss" will not damage the unit. Obviously this is a problem when starting, as I imagine long-time users know their machine. But you really need to improve this specifically for the beginners: it's really a hassle to go and have it replaced, and everyone has good intentions. Aside from that, I'm loving the blasts I've had so far and look forward to great extracting. I hope to get my entire family excited about this!
I fill the large container with greens and fruit up to the max line, then add liquid to the max line, and have never had a problem with it leaking. Make sure the blade assembly is tight, so it doesn't leak past the seal.
Thanks for all the good advice because I'm a new user. Mine hasn't leaked yet, but is always way too full. Now I slice all my fruit up small but still won't fit so going to try using half of each fruit.