how was everyones experience with the cleanse?

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I hope everyone had a good experience with the cleanse. I just bought all the ingredients and will be starting tomorrow.. I hope :) I would love to hear everyone else's experience.

Mine went GREAT. I did a few modifications but I am very pleased with it. This was my first time ever doing a cleanse. I was surprised how much energy that I had. My blood sugars were a little low a couple times at night, so I did have a couple saltines. Maybe a total of 4 a day. SO 12 in total.
It went well for me! I completed the cleanse as given-no modification. I did eliminate, which I had not done before on other cleanse/detox. Prior cleanse/detoxes were for 2 days. I did not move/exercise as much as suggested, but I did complete the poses and drank all the water required (minus one quart). It helped me eliminate the excess fluids I usually retain. Now that I have cleanse, I want to continue eating clean and am a bit concern on where to go from here. Overall, it gets two thumbs up from me....
That's great! I just started yesterday. I had to do a modified version with added protein powder to each one. I wasn't able to do the last two blasts due to the timing but I did eat clean for dinner (quinoa with chickpeas, orange bell pepper, green onions and lemon basil oil dressing/cucumber salad). I will do the same for the next two days. Have any of you lost weight doing the cleanse?
This is great feedback! Congratulations to you all, especially you first time cleansers :) If you're wondering where to go from here, my main suggestion is to slowly add in textured foods and stick with "clean eating" for as long as possible. Romaida's dinner looks like a great choice for foods to include in your post-cleanse diet. Clean foods are not in a package...whole foods, plant-based, no meat, no dairy, whole gluten-free grains, no alcohol or caffeine, no added sugar. Then, as you slowly re-introduce these foods (choosing the best options of each possible), then you can feel what your body accepts and what your body rejects. What makes you feel alive? This is a great process to use, the elimination diet technique, in order to determine what might be triggers for certain ailments. For some soup and clean food meal ideas, check out the basic and super cleanse we posted in January. Thank you all for joining us during this cleanse. We'll be doing more in the future and your feedback will definitely help frame it.