Howdy from Texas!

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Alex G.
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Hello Everyone,

  My wife and myself are new here and just recieved our NutriBullet extractor a few days ago. We are excited in taking control of our life's again and feeding our body what it needs to be strong. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. This was a shock to us as she always took care of herself and always watched what she ate and did, and always excersizes as well. Out of all the things, i should be the sick one as i don't really take care of myself.

Well needless to say when we saw the info-mertial we were like! Yes, we need to get this to change our lifes for the better. We will be off to shopping tonight to get out supplies of veggies and fruits.

I got a question, have any of you added whey protein to any of their blends? Just cruious as i want to replace entire meals with these blends for myself, but not for my wife as she needs to gain some weight.

Thank for any help here with the question.

I have heard of NutriBlasters adding whey protein powders to their Blasts. I actually prefer the plant-based proteins like pea, hemp, and brown rice. Check out this article comparing the different varieties. If choosing whey, I urge you to look for a quality, grass-fed variety. Feel free to add the vegan proteins (not the dairy based whey) to your wife's Blasts - this is a great way to add in extra calories. I've noticed that some people actually gain weight when adding protein to their NutriBlasts. Other options to increase caloric content are nuts, seeds, nut butters, avocado, and raw cold-pressed coconut oil. From one Texan to another - Welcome!!
Welcome to the forum! We are happy to have you here!