Hummus recipe

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Penny M.
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I made the hummus recipe from the hard cover book included in my nutribullet. I followed the recipe exactly, and it took me forever to get it blended. In fact, it caused one of the extractor blades to slightly bend. I'm very disappointed!!! What did I do wrong? Comments, tips, are appreciated. 

you may have not put enough liquid in it. I make hummus often using olive oil. At first I thought it looked like too much. Just experiment and you will make wonderful hummus s. Good luck my friend.
I used the amount of olive oil it called for. The recipe doesn't call for any other liquids other than the olive oil, lemon juice and the small amount that is in the tahini. Obviously, this recipe needs adjusting! Still a bummer that it bent my blade, boo for that Nutribullet!!
If you ever find a blend is too thick, you can always add a little water to get things moving.
Sounds like they owe you a blade if you followed "their" recipe.
I have the same problem! I'm trying different ways; combining all liquids (lemon juice,water, evoo, and even tahini) then mixing 1/2 chickpeas with 1/2 liquids,and doing that twice. Still didn't work. Ended up filling nutribullet cup to max line with water. That got everything to blend, but of course, it's very watery. Might try the milling blade next time. Cuz I would really like to make my own hummus!
Look at the recipe "Healthy Hummus" on this site, it involves cooking certain ingredients, and a little bit more instruction, I'm gonna try that one next time.
Same problem & milling blade made no difference, also the garlic remained whole & did not pulverised so I had whole clove of garlic in my hummus & whole chickpeas, think I'll use pureed garlic next time