I <3 Almond Milk!!

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Dana B.
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I saw a post the other day about using almond milk instead of water in the breakfast smoothies, and I tried it this morning and it's GREAT! I bought unsweetened Vanilla flavor and had a blast with spinach, cashews, blueberries and pineapples. It not only tasted delicious and wholesome but it kept me FULL for 3 hours!!! I highly recommend using it :-)

Is your almond milk free of carregenaan? If so what is the brand you buy? Europe prohibits the use of carrageenan in infant formula, organic or otherwise. Thank you. Lee
Silk Almond milk does not contain carrageenan.
Captainbob wrote: Silk Almond milk does not contain carrageenan.
The Whole Foods 365 Brand along with the Trader Joe's brand also do not contain carrageenan!!
What is carrageenan?
One of my favorite smoothies is almond milk, medjool dates, cashews(soaked), & kale.
kat121312 wrote: What is carrageenan?
Check out this article: http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/food-additives-what-are-you-eating