I have good news!

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Roberta C.
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An update: I reported for my 5th of 6 rounds of my R CHOP chemo protocol yesterday and received wonderful news. The PET/CT scan. I had done lastweek shows ZERO lymphoma active in my body following round four. From stage 4 to nada in 4 months. I will go on watchful waiting after round 6 and hopefully be one of the 2 in 3 people diagnosed with lymphoma to never experience a recurrence. If I happen to be the one in three, I know I can do again this with aplomb and grace.


I am a wee bit anemic; what can I add to my morning blast to help with it? Just returning to blasting, and so looking forward to it before the wonders of this incredible growing season!

excellent news! My uncle is going thru Chemo at the moment and his wife (my sister) is not believing that a NB cannot assist and get rid of cancers... they are listening to another RD and advising them to only use veggies in one smoothie in the morning and fruits in the afternoon... Not sure if that is the right move.. but they are stubborn... Happy for you!
That is awesome! Good for you!! If you are anemic, try adding more spinach.